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Graffeg offer a range of posters created from books and original artworks. Some are image based, such as the Lost Tramways series, whilst others are illustrations, such as the poster poem series published in Welsh and English, including Fern Hill by Dylan Thomas, Dannie Abse, Waldo Williams and others illustrated by Sue Shields. Posters range from size 700 x 500mm to A3 (420 x 297mm) and are available in gift tubes and flat trade bundles.

Posters by Jackie Morris include: The Ice Bear Poster,  Tiger Poster, Tell Me a Dragon Poster, The Snow Leopard Poster, The Names of the Hare Poster, The Names of the Otter Poster, My Dragon is as Big as a Village Poster, Hatchlings Poster, My Dragon Flies to the Secret Music of the Wind Poster, My Dragon is Made From the Sun and the Stars Poster, One Waking Poster. (Posters range from 700 x 500mm to A3 297 x 420mm).