Teachers’ Resources

Download and print a variety of helpful resources to aid teaching our children’s book range in schools.

Tell Me a Dragon by Jackie Morris

Mouse and Mole by Joyce Dunbar and James Mayhew

mouse and mole by joyce dunbar and james mayhew, published by graffeg


Mouse and Mole 51mm round stickers, 15 to an A4 page

ABC of Opera: Baroque by Mark Llewelyn Evans and Karl Davies

abc of opera: baroque by mark llewelyn evans and karl davies, published by graffeg


ABC of Opera: Baroque 51mm round stickers, 15 to an A4 page

The Secret of the Egg by Nicola Davies

secret of the egg, abbie cameron, nicola davies

The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris

The Lost Words, Jackie Morris, Robert Macfarlane


An Explorer’s Guide to The Lost Words by Eva John

The Lost Words Postcards make brilliant flashcards in the classroom – click here to purchase.

Gaspard the Fox by Zeb Soanes and James Mayhew

Gaspard the fox, james mayhew, zeb soanes, graffeg


Gaspard the Fox 51mm round stickers, 15 to an A4 page

Celestine and the Hare series

celestine and the hare


Teachers’ resource notes for books 1-6


Bertram Likes to Sew and Bert’s Garden 51mm round stickers, 15 to an A4 page

Ootch Cootch by Malachy Doyle and Hannah Doyle

Ootch Cootch, malachy doyle, hannah doyle, graffeg


Ootch Cootch A4 colouring sheets

Ceri & Deri series by Max Low


Ceri & Deri 51mm round stickers, 15 to an A4 page

Nick Cope children’s books


Nick Cope 51mm round stickers, 15 to an A4 page

Animal Surprises How to Draw by Nicola Davies and Abbie Cameron

Through the Eyes of Me by Jon Roberts

The Knight Who Took All Day by James Mayhew

The Pond by Nicola Davies

Perfect by Nicola Davies

Elias Martin by Nicola Davies

The Selkie’s Mate by Nicola Davies

Mother Cary’s Butter Knife by Nicola Davies

The White Hare by Nicola Davies

Animal Surprises by Nicola Davies

Into the Blue by Nicola Davies

The Word Bird by Nicola Davies